So it’s Thanksgiving up here in the US today.. and, well…. I guess tomorrow too. As Cam noted at work yesterday, Americans really don’t have many public holidays, so getting one which spans two days is extra-special. So I’m trying to make the best of it.
So far, plans include driving up to St. Pete to play disc golf with Helen and John (that’s John in the blue shirt/sunglasses, Helen getting embarassed). That should be fun, I’ve only been disc golfing two or three times before, all of which were in Victoria with Calvin (who now lives in South Korea).
Other than that, time to relax. No plans for tonight, or for tomorrow. We’ll see what happens I guess! What does your day hold in store?

One thought on “Holiday”

  1. My day holds in store:
    * Music-a-listening
    * Down-a-loading (maps, music, etc)
    * Game-a-playing
    Hmm. and maybe a few slaybells ringing too, since I ain’t playing tetris
    Head Shot!!

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