On Sunday, Jeff had Inês and I over to his mom’s place to go horseback riding! Lots of fun. It had been about 12 years since I last got on a horse, so naturally I was a little scared when I first stepped up to Marty and Sally, but it only took a few minutes to get comfortable. They’re very friendly horses and were a thrill to ride! Thanks again for inviting us, Jeff.
A few images from the day:
[picture: IMG_3191.jpg]
They had a train in the backyard! How cool is that? I was hoping to make this shot look like real tracks, but unfortunately I missed a few leaves.
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[picture: IMG_3192.jpg]
The tracks were quite impressive.
[picture: IMG_3195.jpg]
Oh, what I’d do for a swing like this. Brings back childhood memories.
[picture: IMG_3196.jpg]
The sign says “Garden Railway Crossing”, and in finer print, inside the circle, “I Grow Trains In My Garden”. Hee!
[picture: IMG_3198.jpg]
Get a grip…
[picture: IMG_3200.jpg]
Up we go!
[picture: IMG_3202.jpg]
Mission: accomplished
[picture: IMG_3203.jpg]
For me, we’ll just cut to the chase. 🙂 I should point out that at this point Jeff was the photographer for both Inês and I.
[picture: IMG_3204.jpg]
Munching on some food.
[picture: IMG_3205.jpg]
Shifting into drive.
[picture: IMG_3206.jpg]
Inês doesn’t like this shot, but I’m not sure why. I think it’s great.
[picture: IMG_3208.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3211.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3215.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3216.jpg]
Stopping to eat a bit more. It was pretty hot out, so we stopped under the tree to give everyone some shade.
After we returned the horses to their stable, we had a blast messing around with remote controlled cars (one was electric, and the other was bigger and gas-powered). Unfortunately our playtime was cut short because the summer weather decided it was time to dump bucket-sized drops of rain on us.
[picture: IMG_3223.jpg]
Inês tried, repeatedly, to drive the car into my ankle. Luckily for me, she can’t drive.
[picture: IMG_3239.jpg]
We fed this thing a nickel, and, uh… Long story short, we turned Inês into a cowgirl and had already put the horses away for the afternoon. Hee!


  1. Indeed! It’s not every day you can ride a horse. By the way, for those who are interested, I posted a large version of that black and white shot from the airplane — see the comments for that entry.

  2. That was some train track they had … with toys like that who needs work … I would be lost in play! Glad to see you guys had fun.

  3. I think the photo would have looked more real if the track was on the ground and was ballasted (the little rocks between the rails and ties). Next time your in Victoria, Krishen, you can make some photos of my model railroad – I’ve made some with my camera and they turned out well. One day I would like to have a garden railway too. With our new house that may just be possible. 🙂
    I went horseback riding with my wife a few years ago. Problem was my horse had an appetite for the weeds growing along the path and a smelling fetish with my wife’s horse’s behind (the latter was a problem since my wife’s horse was very skittish about another horse breathing on it’s behind).

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