Hump Day

You know how, last week, I said I had a bunch of catching up to do? Well here’s that catching up, bullet-form stylee:

  • I’m no longer using hairgel
  • Battle on the Beach 6 was good for my soul
  • I’m done with Buffy Season 6
  • Watching last-place Victoria Salmon Kings beat the second-place Florida Everblades rocked my world
  • Dad turned 60
  • The Tampa hat tournament, Bay Area Ultimate Helps Asians Tsunami Victims (BAUHAT V) went well (though attendance could have been better)
  • I’m getting financially-active (so to speak)
  • I have a new computer chair!

Those are the big ticket items I wanted to get down. More explanation to follow (this is being written on my lunch break).

5 thoughts on “Hump Day”

  1. funny how the salmon kings actually placed close to last against the canadian teams, if I recall correctly…

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