I am back!

Don’t have my luggage yet, but I’m back 🙂 The trip was great. Amazing that it’s possible to miss waterlogged streets and dark skies, but add to that historical architecture, beautiful Christmas lights, good food, old friends and family — and a jacket… hell.. throw a little Xbox 360 in there too — and you’ve got wasabi for the soul. Speaking of which I had some great sushi while I was back. Mmm. But. Anyway. To answer your question, yes, I am alive, and yes I know the blog was empty for a bit there. Sorry about that. Haha. In any case I am glad to be back where it’s still possible to walk around in shorts. Which I might have to do, if my luggage doesn’t show up tomorrow 🙂


  1. good to see you again krishen, next time we’ll have to go take some pictures

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