Inês; Ultimate; AFK and Tiebreaker in iTunes

Inês and Joe at the Old Salty Dog — click for the big
Well, I wanted for these to be separate posts, but time has scrunched them all together.
First off, a big goodbye to Inês, who completed her internship and returned home to Portugal on Wednesday. Inês, it was great fun having you back for another term — hope our paths cross again soon 🙂
Cam, Melissa, Inês, Nkosi and I hit Lido beach Sunday, and afterwards we stuffed ourselves with ice cream from Settimi’s:

Cam and Melissa

Some of us were more stuffed than others. Photo by Melissa.
Second, the Manatee Ultimate league started its fall season this past week, and we actually managed to split up the teams which have been playing against each other for the past two years. It’s actually kind of exciting. Of course, my team lost something like 15-7, but I’ve got faith we’re going to get better. We’ve just got to gel a bit. Yeah.
Third: My brothers Davin and Anand (AFK and Tiebreaker) are in iTunes!!! How cool is that? I am so proud. Buy their EPs, Dreamcache and Prominence. My personal faves are “Dreamcache” (unremixed) and “Prominence (AFK Mah-Seev Breaks Mix)”.
That is all! Have a good night 🙂

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  1. I see you’ve been training hard for frisbee league at Settimi’s! I could’ve used some sticky ice cream fingers at last weeks game myself!

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