It’s all in the Post-processing

Went to Siesta Key beach on Saturday! Took my camera with me, too, of course.
But because Cam beat me to posting the pictures, I thought I’d try something a little different for this post. You know, crop here, zoom there. Change things up a bit. Add a bit of a “non-married” touch. Think I succeeded? 😉
girls girls girls!
In other news, my friend Sue put up a blog! See on the sidebar, under “Pages I visit”? There’s a link called “Sue”. Click it!
Sue’s a great person who can sew like a mofo, doesn’t take crap from anybody, and can make the steak sauce they serve at the Japanese Village. She’s also a recovering STSer (something her, davin, devon, renee, the other sue and I have in common). Go check out her page, all sorts of fun bits there!