10 thoughts on “It’s the little things”

  1. Damn that looks good! Mmmmm stoned wheat thins. All you need is some extra aged white cheddar from thrifty’s instead of the orange stuff you have there :P.

  2. omg 😉
    looks like you finally found ’em — no weakass soda crax0rs for j00!
    And, I’ve had extra aged orange cheddar with my stoned wheat thins my entire life, only just discovered the tastiness of extra aged white cheddar. It’s all very delicious 😉

  3. Since when are Stoned Wheat Thins (damn those suckers smoke waaaaay too much dope) imported? That box is weird.

  4. sue, that’s what i was thinking. are stoned wheat thins made in canada? kris, check the box for us.

  5. sarah, mmm, white cheddar… i think i’m going to go pick some up. worcestershire too.
    neil, me too, strange that!
    sue, come on, with a name like that isn’t it clear where they’re from? 😀

  6. heheh… julie, you made your comment while i had the comment box up. you are correct! stoned wheat thins are a product of canada. 🙂

  7. oh! i just had to run to my box o crockers to check. Until I saw your picture, I always thought they were stone wheat thins. I thought you had found a trick box! wheeeee. now I’m eating one naked. well, it’s naked, I’m not.

  8. dammit… crAckers. a box o crockers would probably be some sort of religious thing.

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