iTunes 4 observations

[picture: icon of iTunes 4]So, I took full advantage of my free dial-up connection last night and downloaded the new iTunes 4. A couple observations:
1. If, when you start it, the font looks crummy, go to Apple->System Preferences, choose the “General” pane, and choose a setting of 10 or less for the “Turn off text smoothing for font sizes X or smaller” pulldown menu (near the bottom). Restart iTunes. Voila.
2. A bit more technical, but interesting nonetheless. The iTunes 4 installer package is actually a metapackage, containing installer packages for both the new iPod, as well as iTunes. Strangely, inside the iTunes package, there’s a receipt file for iTunes3 (“iTunes3.pkg”).
Checking out the contents of the “iTunes4.post_install” script (which runs after the iTunes 4 application has been installed), it becomes clear where this file is used:

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