Jeanne: The Aftermath

Hurricane Jeanne was, at times exciting, at times terrifying. Living where we do, Cam, Melissa and I only caught the edge of it, and the winds only got up to about 45 mph sustained, with 60 mph gusts. Still, it was nothing to sneeze at… unless you’re the type to notice an increased pollen count. Jeanne was the biggest storm to come through Sarasota in recent collective memory. Click on the pool to view the damage in and around our apartment complex. Cam’s also got some good pictures and a writeup posted.
Also: I took a short video clip from my balcony, around noon yesterday. It’s about 14mb, and shows the storm, doing, well… stormy things. Wind gusting, rain pelting, trees bending, etc. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Jeanne: The Aftermath”

  1. huge damage from that one, coupled with the other ones. Man!, I am sure glad we don’t get those here in Victoria.
    hahahaha didja happen to notice that the last 3 ‘canes hit mostly republican based counties?

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