Just that kind of night

[picture: tram at tampa international]
A view from the top floor of the Tampa International Airport parkade. The trams shuttle air passengers from the check-in/baggage terminals to the sattelites where the planes reside.
Cam & Melissa came out with me to Ultimate pickup tonight. Besides Cam clobbering Jennifer (the only woman of the 7 who came out tonight), the highlight of the night had to be after practice when Eric G, Bo, Cam, Melissa and I went out to get a bite to eat at that famous Florida eating establishment, Hooters. Melissa asked our girl — Katherine — for her shorts. “We don’t actually sell them,” came the response quickly. No, not a pair of shorts like the ones she was wearing, Melissa explained. Her shorts.
Melissa went on to explain she needed them in order to play this frisbee game, Ultimate. Katherine had never heard of it. Eric offered a demonstration of the game using Nutrasweet and Real Sugar packets. That didn’t go over very well. While we didn’t end up leaving with the shorts (I’m still trying to figure out how Melissa got her to agree to it in the first place), Melissa did give Katherine her number. So perhaps we will see the shorts on Melissa at some point after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. indeed! well, it was m’s first time at hooters and she just fell in love with the shorts… they’re bright orange, tiny, and she just had to have them! we told her she could use ultimate as her excuse. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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