Khrome Krazy

The sky had a life all its own last night
Khrome nightclub turned out to be pretty cool. High ceilings, red floodlights, a giant wide-screen projection tv showing movies (Pulp Fiction and later, 3d visuals) and plenty of chrome (including the motorcycle from Easy Rider) hanging from the ceiling.

And house. They had a local house DJ come spin. Not a bad thing at all. Tracks I recognized: Diamond Life by Louie Vega & Jay Sealle (feat. Julie McKnight) [as featured on Deep Dish’s recent Global Underground 025], as well as the Sander Kleinenberg remix of Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body [which can be heard in DJ Sonix’s latest mix, “This is My Haus” — use the username “downloader”, password “download” to grab it]. The motorcycles were pretty much just props; I didn’t need to fight off any biker gangs. Though the waitresses were in leather. Being there on opening night was fun… everything was still very new. The bouncers were figuring out how to lock the side doors. And the glassware situation wasn’t sorted out yet either:

Anyway — the plan for tonight was to go to one of the showings of Fahrenheit 9/11 with Cam and crew, but since all but the lateshow is sold out, we figured we’d go to a 12:30 mantinee tomorrow instead. Looks like opening night had a big turnout here.
So, instead Cam, Melissa and I headed north and hung out with Erik and Amy, which was really cool ‘cuz I haven’t seen them in ages. We played Taboo. So much fun. If you’re not familiar with Taboo, here’s how it works. The idea is that you’re trying to get your teammate to guess a word you’re describing. You’re not allowed to use “sounds like”, or “rhymes with”, use acronyms, or make gestures of any kinds. So far, so good, right? Except there’s a list of “taboo” words you’re not allowed to say. If you say one of them, a member of the other team (who can also see the word you’re trying to describe and the list of banned words which go with it) gets to use a buzzer on you. Bzzzzzt! No good! You’re also battling it out against the clock — you have one minute to get through as many cards as you can. My record was three; out of the group, Erik handily won, burning through six cards inside the time limit. Incredible! I think I might pick it up. Definitely encourages lateral thinking.
Time to hit the hay, I gotta go food shopping tomorrow morning. Hope the rest of your weekend is extra special (SPECial too!). 🙂

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  1. bwah! thanx Krishen!
    btw, that sky is…jaw dropping, to say the least

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