k-Rad 7337!

[picture: 36-o'clock shadow]
So pickup was a blast tonight. Didn’t end up laying out, but I did manage a couple of nice point-scoring hucks. I’m very pleased with one particular moment tonight — I read the disc better than my opponent, waiting a fraction of a second longer to jump. And while he jumped and whiffed at nothing, I made the grab and scored a point. Woohoo!
The highlight of the night, though, had to be Cam getting flattened by Molly. Both players went up for the disc, and their hands collided in what looked like an over-extended high-five. Molly slowed down to a stop — on her feet. Cam (somehow) ended up on his butt. Molly helped Cam up off the ground. Both parties were unscathed, thankfully.
Heh heh. Ah well. It was pretty wet out tonight, that probably had something to do with it. Next pickup game is this Sunday at GT Bray Park (20 miles away). I’m looking forward to it.
By the way, thank you all for the car advice a couple of entries ago. I think I may have done some serious damage to my tires by having them under-inflated. I plan to buy a pressure gauge so I can keep better track.
Tonight’s photo is to make up for the somewhat less than fantastic photo in my last entry. Hope you like! I call it “33-o’clock shadow”.

6 thoughts on “k-Rad 7337!”

  1. Great pic! If you ever join a personal service I think you should use this one :). (honest!)

  2. Maybe we should just ‘make’ him join a personals ad and use this picture.

  3. I just wanted to note … it is hard to try and change momentum once a person is in the air … thus when I noticed that Molly was going for the disk as well I tried to avoid crushing her on the way back to the ground — thus the awkward flop !! See what I go through to try and be nice (noting of course that I play Ultimate more like a game of hockey … and thus am prone to causing a few collisions … next step; learn some finesse.
    Now … Krishen and personal ads … hmm … bet we would see his “cougar” come out of the wood work 🙂

  4. sarah, hahaha.. thanks 😀
    jeff, one word for ya: 😛
    cam, i’ve met my quota of encounters with sharp-toothed florida wildlife, don’t need any more. 🙂
    julie, davin, thanks for your kind words… i haven’t been able to go exploring much as late, but i aim to improve on that tomorrow!

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