Lease renewal nonsense

I just got the yearly lease renewal notice in my door. Not only are they going to raise my monthly rent by $39 without any (stated) reason, but there’s also a note, a couple paragraphs later, that says: “the above rates do not include additional fees, such as pet, storage, parking, etc…”. Sorry, what? Parking? Parking has always been free. So I’ve left them a message about that. Hopefully it’s a bit of extra stuff from the form letters of the company that just acquired the property.. we’ll see.
Time to research apartments again.


2 responses to “Lease renewal nonsense”

  1. One thing I heard was the boat parking (which was $10/mth) will go up to $50 and late fees will go from $50 to $100 … though this was hear-say – but ick.
    Sounds like the new company is looking to nickel and dime us to death. And they can since the number of apartments in the area are decreasing – where are you going to go?
    For note, condo prices are decreasing – so that may be of serious interest.

  2. Yeah, this might just be the kick in the pants I need to check out what the bank is willing to loan me.

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