Lions, Wiggers and Cougar, oh my

Me and Cam
Me and Cam
After going for drinks and dinner with a bunch of people for work, Cam, Kim and I were restless, so we went downtown to a club. But not just any club. The Gator Club.
Oh my god. I have never seen so many 35+ year olds snogging to white guys playing black pop in my life!
The live band playing was named Chameleon, and they’re an all-cover act. Imagine, if you will, five pasty guys in tight shirts singing the Nelly classic Ride wit me.
The place was so packed it was hard to move. One of the lead singers kept trying to inconspiciously snap photos with a digicam during the more epic parts of the tracks. It was totally cheesy. 🙂
So the band took a break, and they were playing canned music — I think it was the DJ Sammy cover of “Boys of Summer” that I like — and I made eye contact with this woman across the dancefloor who seemed to be enjoying the song too.
I walked over and yelled “hello” (the music was so loud it was hurting my ears). Boy, was that ever the wrong thing to do. She BIT me!! On the neck!!! And half a second later on the side of my stomach! What is it with the crazy people down here? Kim figures she was a vampire, but she didn’t have the fangs so I’m discounting that theory. I swear this woman was high on something. Two seconds later that she pulled my arms over her shoulders and held them there. Just a wacko nutcase. Shortly thereafter I managed to make my escape to meet up with Cam and Kim. Geeez.
vampire work?
The cougar at the Gator Club bite!
Anyhow I’m off to play around on the beach, that is, if the weather clears up at all. Well, actually, might head down there anyway since it is saturday and it IS spring break and all, *laughs*.
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