It’s been a while since we’ve talked. Sorry about that. But here’s a list of a few things that have happened to me over the past couple weeks:
-Random coworker discovery of my blog
-New runners (after 4 years, it’s just /time/)
-New tires (front, thanks for letting me guest on your major-chain-retailer account Cam)
-New headlights (it took 2 hours, but the next time I do it it’ll take about 15 minutes)
-Canadian Passport (re)application off… finally
-Fear of being a photographer (still; this goes way back)
-Helping a coworker get settled
-Actively building my credit rating
-Watched two great movies (Last Life in the Universe, comparable to “Lost in Translation” in style but much better; Runaway Jury, about manipulating a trial involving a major gun manufacturer. A thrill to watch. Hackman and Hoffman are great together; John Cusack is his usual down-played self and Rachel Weisz is, well… not too hard on the eyes 🙂
-I have unanswered email from a LONG TIME AGO. If you’re awaiting a reply from me, I’m sorry. I will try to write back soon.
-I am planning my birthday party! Not sure on the exact date yet, but it’ll probably be close to the 24th.
-Enigma’s album “Love, Sensuality, Devotion” is playing as I write this. I may end up writing another post about it, but I would just like to say this this album kicks my ass. I could listen to it all day. I borrowed it from a coworker, and I think I might just have to pick up the CD.
-Sasha’s album “Fundacion” is one of the best DJ mixes I have heard in a long time, maybe the past two years. What did I love about it? It surprised me, several times. In that good kind of way. Cannot wait to hear it on a big stereo. Here’s an interview Sasha did with on the new album and how it differs from a traditional DJ-mixed CD.
-Finished Firefly a couple weeks ago. I almost didn’t want to watch the last episode because I was enjoying the Firefly universe so much. I am sad it only got a half-season run before Fox cancelled it and eliminated the possibility of the series being continued on television under the Firefly name. Fox said nothing about making a movie out of it, though, and I am heartened that the trailer for Serenity actually looks pretty good.
iMovie rocks. Whoever designed the interface deserves some kind of award. Soo easy (and fun) to use.
-I am sleepy.
-It is probably time for bed.
-Thanks for reading this far!


  1. wheeee! so glad you enjoyed firefly. I don’t know if i mentioned it before but my friends kept insisting I see it and I really enjoyed it. I’m seriously looking forward to Serenity. Like maybe, first day opening! Woooo hooooo.
    bedtime here now too.

  2. great photo, for a split second I thought it was a sun emerging from some kind of strange cosmic configuration…ah well … more mundanely (sp) is it a penny in the tire-tread sole of your shoe?
    You’ve had a busy 2 weeks!

  3. Shy: hee, I’ll probably be waiting in line right along with you (albeit on the other side of the continent) 🙂
    Jeff: heh… looking forward to it.
    Mom: thanks, nope, it’s just my tire. 🙂 the penny is there for scale. actually, I had an idea yesterday, and that’s to put a penny in my camera bag, so I always have a “ruler” I can put in frame if I need to.

  4. Wasn’t Firefly amazing? I’ve watched it over and over again, and I’m STILL not tired of it. Awesome TV, truly awesome. Also, it convinced me to get speakers for the TV – it’s really well-served by 5.1, since the sound of Serenity is behind you CONSTANTLY, and I didn’t even notice until I watched it somewhere else 🙂

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