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Wow — so today wasn’t as great as I had hoped, but it was still pretty fricking good. I was blocked on my main task most of the day at work, so I was making up productive things to do — not terribly stressful! 🙂 As a side benefit, I went home at super early, 5:50pm! Considering I got in at 8:40 this morning, that’s pretty good! 🙂
Got home to a total surprise — my door was just painted!

You might recall it used to look like this. I’m lucky I didn’t brush it on the way in — that sucker was wet.
Stay tuned! Now that I’ve covered paint drying…
In more exciting news, my good friend Cam is flying down to Sarasota next week for an interview at my company! One thing about this rosy little situation is more than a little disturbing, though. He opted to stay at my place!
That pretty much guarantees he’s not going to get the job. What kind of crazy fool would rather stay at my place than at a hotel?