How about a little stream-of-consciousness blogging?
So, I’m just doing the last load of laundry here, then it’s off to the pool to meet Cam’s dad. I was trying to remember what I did last night, then I remembered: I was at work until 8pm.
Worked another five hours today, then got a haircut. Now everything’s neat and tidy up top. Even the white hairs.
Don’t forget to phone your mom tomorrow.
All that remains is a little bit of packing and I should be ready for my trip to Columbus, which, although I’m looking forward to, I’m somewhat nervous about. I can’t exactly say why here, but with any luck the planets will align, the improbability drive will kick in and I’ll be fine. Okay, okay, it’s not that bad. There’s just a lot of variables floating around right now… I’m sure I’ll have a much better idea how things are going to go by Monday night. </windtalking>
Random link-o-the-day: I found these reviews pretty entertaining. If anyone would like a postcard from Ohio, just email me your address. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Lots-o-thots”

  1. “DO NOT BUY THIS CD. This is NOT in any way Progressive House. This is corporate America bastardsizing the name Progressive to get your money. Not even close to the music. Buy the Global Underground CDs, Renaissance CDs, latest Tranceport series. This is a shameful example of how corporate record labels hurt the electronic music industry and the loyal people that follow it. Shame. Shame. I am embarrassed by this and your tactics in advertising this CD to internet forums of loyal progressive house fans. I know the old cliche “To each his own.” but this a slap in the face to the progressive house community.”
    This guy just shoulda made fun of it like everyone else, we all know it’s an abomination šŸ˜€

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