Ludicrous Speed

[picture: sweet sweet machine]
Cam sets up our new test machine
That thar is a brand new, dual-processor, 2 GHz, 64-bit Power Mac G5.
Friday, as an impromptu load test, we launched (and finished launching) all the bundled apps on the computer — 24 applications — in about three seconds.
Honestly, now, after having used one, the ad really doesn’t seem that far off.
Have I mentioned this thing is fast?


  1. Woo, this sounds promising. We ordered 2 at work for testing.
    [nerd mode]
    Our product is a compiler and we run distributed tests. Our G4’s take something like 3x longer to run than on the PCs, so this sounds fantastic.
    [/nerd mode]

  2. chrissie — though the G5 is being marketed as “the world’s fastest personal computer” (and it can rip through 3D-rendering and the kind of video-encoding you need to produce DVDs) — it’s got way more power than i need for the work i do at home: email, instant messaging, irc, web, music, and digital photography. honestly, i could make do on a 17″ iMac. power to spare and good ergonomics. not a bad combo!

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