MacBook Pro HFS corruption

Seeing a bunch of this recently at work. The root cause is eluding me at the moment… if you’ve seen it, please chime in!


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  1. So, just as a followup, the root cause of this issue appears to be a critical failure of the power-on-after-total-power-failure firmware code, which is not checking for the presence of a hibernation sleep image after the battery has been completely drained and the system is re-powered. Completely disabling the “SafeSleep” function (sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0) will act as a workaround to prevent the above-photographed corruption from occurring until such time that Apple issues a fix (they have been notified). Note that if corruption does occur, you are probably S.O.L., though I have been able to use Alsoft’s Diskwarrior to recover data in some instances (wonderful product).

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