Maybe I spoke too soon

From: Stubear
Date: September 21, 2005 5:04:23 PM EDT
To: Krishen Greenwell
Subject: Regional bid for Lickety Split
Krishen, my name is Stu Downs and I am the mixed Regionals Coordinator. I got your email from [Orlando Ultimate web guy] Kirby Bell. 16 bids for Regionals were allocated and a team from Texas has declined to accept. Your team is next in line to receive a bid, are you interested in coming to Regionals?
Please reply now so I know you got this and if you need to discuss with others do so quickly. If you want me to discuss with someone else please put me in touch with that person by forwarding this email. Or give me hers/his. We will wait a couple of days to hear back, then move on to the next in line.
— Stu

6 thoughts on “Maybe I spoke too soon”

  1. That would be awesome to see you guys there too. Man, I should have just played for Lickety huh? Maybe next year…

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