Me update

It’s been a crazy weekend. [warning: post discusses getting sick; may not suitable for the easily queasy]
Executive summary:

  • Friday
    • 10:30am: Meet Michael D for coffee; Hillside Starbucks; Kathy is working; I had two grande Americanos; run into Mr. Holman while talking to Kathy with Michael
    • Eat with a few good friends at South Bay Restaurant. Do *not* eat here. (More on this in a later post).
    • 7:30pm. Bowling at Mayfair Lanes
    • 11:30pm. Home
    • 12:30am: Boston Pizza Hillside with Davin and Jim. Geek around with digicams and are a general pain in the arse for our waitress
    • 3:30am: Home again.
  • Saturday
    • 8:45am. Wake up. Unsettled stomach — throw up Boston Pizza!! @!&$*#%@ Feel much better.
    • 10:15am. Arrive at Cup Of Joe’s cafe in James Bay for breakfast. Ordered the “I can’t believe it’s so cheap” special. Do not start eating it. Order glass of milk to calm stomach.
    • 10:46am. Recognize signs of impending extreme stomach upset. Make way to Cup of Joe’s washroom. Throw up glass of milk and earl grey tea. Feel better.
    • No jacket. Freeze to death in rain waiting for the #28 bus home from downtown.
    • 1:00pm. Home
    • Head aches. Lie down.
    • Two minutes later Get up. Wake Davin. Check/send email to keep Hilary and Michael in the loop about going to Vancouver trip with Davin and Mina to see Jimmy Van M.
    • Create, confirm mastaur travel plans to Vancouver. We will try to get the 5pm ferry.
    • 1:20pm. Back to bed.
    • 2:20pm. Woken; trip to Vancouver cancelled. Jimmy Van M is sick.
    • Call Hilary, can’t get a hold of Michael; suggest Grant Plant at Hush for later that night instead.
    • 4-8pm: Fever and headache. Pampered by family. Very nice.
    • 8pm. General miserableness
    • 8:30pm. Daniel calls. He leaves for a week tomorrow. Evolution at 10pm? Not sure. He will call back before he goes.
    • 9:20pm. Miserableness. Call Daniel, Hilary, cancel with both.
    • Sleep
  • Sunday
    • 4:30am. Headache goes away after ingesting tylenol bought by dad in the late hours of saturday night. Ibuprofen did not help.
    • 6:30am. Temperature returns to normal
    • 12:00pm: Get up
    • 1:50pm: Screw up Starbucks’ SKUs by switching to a box of Tazo Chai for Tazo Awake.
    • 2pm: arrive at Maryanne’s place; give her box of tea; chat about her trip to India with Todd; discuss the problem of having too much beer and 10 dozen veggie burgers! Not very allergic to her cat, that is good.
    • 6:20pm. Pick up Sarah; explore Coquiltz Park, watch Spielberg’s “Catch Me If You Can”; a good conversation or two.
    • 1:40am: home

There are a few pictures from all of this, to be posted soon…