5 thoughts on “Meditation vs. ADHD”

  1. I believe that 90% of ADHD cases are misdiagnosed by doctors who get “kickbacks” from ritalin producers. I also believe, that parents choose to believe their kids have a “problem” because the culture of the day prefer to choose the easy way out when it comes to child rearing (is that even a word).
    And so yes, I totally can see how meditation works šŸ˜€

  2. Fair enough. Though I think there may be merit to the approach. The study was done at a private school which “specializes in the education of children with language-based learning disabilities”, according to a different article. So, at least for these kids, their parents believed the problem was real enough to send them to a different school. A little more than just a lazy, “throw pills at it” situation.

  3. Meditation helps me for a lot of things.
    I sure couldn’t prove it empirically, but…it does!

  4. Agree that medication is too quickly assumed to be the answer. Not surprised that meditation helps… I am sure a bit of physical activity or a “time out” would have similar results. There is a new drug for ADHD (ADD) which in not a stimulant like ritalin.. Always confused me that overactive kids were given some kind of amphetamine.
    I bet video games are to blame. šŸ˜‰

  5. I’m not really surprised that helps myself either — but I did think it was interesting this kind of thing was making news — not because the idea is obvious, but because of the decidedly non-Western slant it has as a potential solution.

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