Microsoft Acquires Virtual PC

Microsoft just acquired the rights to Connectix‘s PC-emulation software for the Macintosh, Virtual PC. [MacMinute, 3:27pm EST] [MacCentral, 2:50pm EST]
Reminds me of when Microsoft bought (legendary Mac game developer) Bungie. Now where are their Mac games? Do you see Halo anywhere?
Okay, support for running Windows XP and its brethren on your Mac will still be there. Might even get better. Doubtful, though. And you sure can’t call it a Good Thing. I’m pretty much expecting support for all non-Windows platforms on Virtual PC to all but fizzle away as a result.
[update, 6:24pm] Not to mention the fact that this is one more way — in addition to Microsoft being the sole producers of Office for the Mac — that Microsoft has a stranglehold on Apple. Perhaps it’s retaliation for Apple introducing (Internet Explorer competitor) Safari and (Powerpoint competitor) Keynote?