More photos from downtown

Here’s a few other shots from yesterday. Descriptions are beneath each photo.

I’m waiting for the day someone sticks pwned on their minivan.

This just struck me as weird. A bench facing the sidewalk, not the road, a couple feet from the street. I guess the only time I usually see benches on city streets, they’re for the bus.

The local paper‘s new building looks like it’s nearing completion.

And if you smoke, that really is what you’re telling people.

The purity of the white in this building strikes me every time I see it. At least they won’t have a problem with bird poop!

I wonder if this store still operates. This has been messed up for as long as I can remember. Clearly there’s no such thing as the red squiggly lines for signage. Not nearly as subtle as the misspelling Jim found.

A rather epic building just North of Burns’ Court. Click here for a desktop-sized version.


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  2. Ha, my boss will appreciate that, he’s quite the aficionado being Cuban. For some reason you and cigar just don’t go together in my head. Where’d you pick up the taste?

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