Mydoom, Novarg, WORM–MIMAIL.R

Hey folks…. public service announcement time.. if you receive an unexpected email with a subject line including the phrase “Mail Delivery System” or “Mail Transaction Failed”, with an attachment, don’t open that attachment! It’s quite possibly a new virus that’s spreading via Windows machines. Read more about the still-unnamed virus at Yahoo Business.

2 thoughts on “Mydoom, Novarg, WORM–MIMAIL.R”

  1. I say go ahead and distribute it. With a payload that supposedly DoS’s SCO, it can’t be all bad.

  2. haha, I’ve been getting those things almost non-stop. I recognized right off the bat that something wasn’t right (gee, I dunno, the .pif attachment?) without prior warning. This was so small a post that I breezed right by it =)

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