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It’s that time at work again, the time they refer to as The Crunch. Ack. It’s good work and I’m learning lots about things I never guessed I’d learn about (good!), but I’m tired as all get out (where’d that expression come from anyway?).
Anyway, just before leaving work, I told Jeff my plan: go home, write a blog entry, and go to bed. In fact, I was already inspired to write; I’d spent the last 20 minutes or so going through the photos on Jim’s blog. Man that guy knows how to take a photo. His latest picture just floors me.
Jeff suggested I post a picture of the “most artististic, most anonymous” CD cover, and try to get people to guess what it was. Great idea. So, I reviewed my CDs, and as it turned out, hardly any of them had anonymous covers, and those which did were really so obscure I could hardly remember what they were myself. So I took a few of the more artistic ones, and ‘shopped their names out. Can you guess what they are?
[picture: IMG_3098.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3102.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3104.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3106.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3108.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3111.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3113.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3120.jpg]
[picture: IMG_3123.jpg]


  1. oh geez. i’m a loser.
    i was going to say pearl jam on number seven but i’m changing my guess to nine inch nails.. pretty hate machine.
    and that’s the best I can do.

  2. Shy — first, you’re not a loser, don’t say that, second, Pearl Jam, eh? I only know what their album Ten looks like, though I do like that album a lot! (Don’t have it though, perhaps it’s time to hit up the used record shop). Your guess for number 7 is correct 🙂
    Jeff — correct!
    Anyone else have a guess? Some hints for artist names: (1) Sub-earth. (2) Hurry. (3) Leporidae dans la lune (4) American president James K Polk said it: __________ or fight! (5) Missing thoroughfare (6) Lucky break (9) Singular peace-bird

  3. Hmmm…
    are those all local bands?
    I consider myself a bit of a musicologist, but don’t recognize anything there…. ?

  4. Hi Laki, nope — none of them are “local” bands, though of course that depends how local you mean 🙂
    But, actually… it would make good hint material. Here’s the origin of the content on each CD: (1) England (2) Canada (3) United States (Florida, actually) (4) Canada (5) France/USA (6) England (9) Scotland.
    (Nine Inch Nails and Prodigy are from Cleveland, USA and Essex, England respectively.)

  5. 1. Underworld – Dubnobasswithmyheadman
    2. Rush – Presto(?)
    3. Rabbit in the Moon’s Remixes Album!!!
    4. No clue, but it looks like 54-40 on the cover, not sure which album
    5. Is that the lost highway soundtrack?
    6. Fluke?
    7. Shy got it before I (hehe that rhymes), NIN
    8. Jeff got it before me, Prodigy
    9. Dove?

  6. Yeah, that’s pretty much it, Neil, of course we lived together when I bought those CDs 🙂 The original CD covers can be seen here (roll over each picture).

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