5 thoughts on “New CDs”

  1. The last CD is pretty good, the cranberries are great. Little known fact, my Mom’s cousin is married to the lead singer and was the band’s manager.

  2. Todd– oh wow, that’s really cool. I’ve been listening to the Cranberries forever but this is the first cd of theirs I’ve picked up.
    Davin– this was a combination of a videogame store that sold cds on the side (and is looking to get out of that business), and the local Goodwill. The videogame store also had Kosheen’s “Resist” for a $1.99 too (the album that contained their hit “Catch U”), but I had already bought that for $17.99 or something a couple years earlier, haha..

  3. Sounds like some good deals to be had. Yeah it’s kinda neat knowing there is a celeb in the extended family, and her voice is so enchanting.

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