New Cube and Firefly

Decided to have a bit of fun with Photoshop tonight. Hope you like. 🙂
Moved into a new cube at work today, woo! It’s a little smaller, but it’s configured better: now I can see people walking up to me. The entrance is also no longer beside a main department walkway. Yippee! On the downside, I’m neighbours with Cam so I get stuff thrown into my workspace on a random basis.
Watched my first episode of Firefly tonight. First impressions? I like it. The video was a little dark (or maybe my TV is burning out), and it took about half an hour to finally understand Capt. Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds’ speech — he talks really fast — but the show is amazing. It’s a western in space. There are guns. Standoffs. And special effects. And the characters are endearing. Mal is one complicated guy. It’s a really unique combination, and a very cool one at that. I’m looking forward to the rest of the box set. 🙂


  1. Thanks guys.. unfortunately I forgot to save the full-sized version, but thankfully this one only took a few seconds to do up (and if you look closely you can see the blue of the sky reflecting off the front of the rig).

  2. My friends turned me on to Firefly and I totally loved it! I watched the whole season and now I miss all the characters : (
    Hope you enjoy the rest.. it rocksssss!

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