Oh glorious weekend, how I love you

Well I hope you all managed to catch ER on Thursday night. If you missed it, Cam’s got a nice summary of how it all went down. 🙂
The weekend is looking great — this afternoon/evening, it’s a going-away party for MJ (we’re going to the beach, then later to a certain Indian Restaurant for dinner). Should be delicious. Tomorrow, it’s the first-annual Manatee County Ultimate frisbee tournament, “The Turkey Gobbler”, followed up by a BBQ at Jeff’s place! Then of course, because of Thanksgiving, we get two days off next week. No plans for that yet! I love unscheduled time off. Yes, indeed, things are looking good.
After I got home last night, over iChat Jeff gave me several recommendations on how I should spend the remaining cash on my iTunes gift certificate.
So far, here are the songs I’ve purchased for 99 cents each:

  • Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
  • Peter Gabriel – Shaking the Tree (Remix with New Vocal)
  • Big Audio Dynamite II – Rush
  • Rob Zombie – Dragula
So I’ve got $6.04 left to spend at the iTunes Music Store — anyone have a recommendation? (check here to see if a song is available.)

6 thoughts on “Oh glorious weekend, how I love you”

  1. Bad Jeff, baaaad!!!
    I’ve got tracks I’ve purchased at home, and tracks I’ve purchased at work, and I want an easy way to have them on both computers. Anyone know of a good solution for this? I guess it will give me a good chance to check out the new syncing capability of iDisk (though methinks this will need Panther on both machines, and I’ve only got it running at home).

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