On the iPod and Car stereos

So my iPod is back up and running. I haven’t totally figured out what went wrong yet (seems to be related to the use of the dock in combination with the iSight), but I’ll sort that out later. For now, I’m happy about the possibility of getting rid of this:

All I need now is a decent way to get the sound into my car stereo. I don’t have a cassette deck in my car, so (of course) a cassette adapter is out of the question.
I’ve all but given up on using an FM transmitter after doing some research [example]. Sounds as though the, uh, sound would be iffy at best.
So right now I’m looking to see if there’s any sort of line-in for the Kenwood KDC-315S the previous owner installed in my car…. and the manual says there is, so I’m going to google and keep my fingers crossed.
Anyone else dealt with this sort of thing before?

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  1. Actually, I got an FM Transmitter for my MP3 player and used it on a roadtrip to Kamloops. It’s only slightly annoying because you can be driving along and suddenly you’ll drive through somewhere that has a competing signal on the frequency you’re using, but aside from that the sound is acceptable. For the price ($30 Cdn), I’d say it’s an easy and satisfactory solution.
    Then again, Krishen, you are WAY pickier about sound quality than I am. I still haven’t replaced the speakers that blew out in my car three years ago. Something about engine noise drowning out the static. Heh heh gotta love old cars!

  2. I was browsing online for some info on the KDC-315s and Yahoo! gave me a link to your site. I understand you’ve been trying to figure out how to get digital quality sound into your car stereo. I had the same problem, so i did some research on it. Well I now have the perfect solution for you if you’ve not already found one.
    The Kenwood 315s has a cd changer control port in the back of the unit. I found a site that sells input adaptors the allow you to add RCA inputs to you Kenwood 315s. Simply plug it into your CD changer input, then add an RCA to Stereo/Phono cable into the RCA inputs ($6 at radio Shack), then you have CD quality sound going into your current car stereo system. I did this with my Kenwood reciever and the sound is awesome! It beats any FM transmitter or cassette adaptor anytime. It’s all digital!
    Here’s the link to that site. If you have any questions about anything let me know and I’d be happy to reply.
    Good luck!
    Marcos Gurrola

  3. Marcos, thanks for your post! I actually came to the same conclusion a few moments after I posted that entry — looks like I’m going to try and hunt down the ca-c1ax,
    Not sure, but it looks like it may be the same thing as this:
    Now it’s just a matter of finding some way to get it installed (I’ve got a ’95 Nissan Altima). 🙂

  4. Krishen,
    The CA-C1AX you found will work perfectly! It’s perhaps better than the one I got at RCAinput since it’s made by Kenwood. Anyway, check out this link. You might find some tips and a few ideas on how to install and mount your ipod inside your Nissan
    Marcos Gurrola

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