On the plus side I’m taking my multivitamins

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The weekend was great — beach, friends (some new, some not), curry, great disc at the first tournament the city has ever had, BBQ and margaritas.
But now it’s time again to find some balance.
General life stress is on the rise… ack! Work deadlines are looming and housework (as well as sleep and diet) is getting, well, kinda shafted. Not good.
So first thing tomorrow, those dishes are toast!! Well. Hrmm. Maybe that’s my breakfast. Maybe I should have an apple?

3 thoughts on “On the plus side I’m taking my multivitamins”

  1. but there are micronutrients in ph00d that you can’t get from multivitamins!

  2. davin, yes! i was wondering if anyone would say something like that. it’s actually from the city-sponsored ultimate tournament that went on last sunday. mj’s aunt brought a whole bag of sliced up oranges for anyone who wished to have some. as if that’s not totally cool! and yes again about canon and orange/blue! it seems most of my shots have a slight yellow cast to them, which i’ve consciously been ignoring lately. one thing i’m trying to figure out is why iPhoto displays my photos with more saturation than Photoshop. i’m thinking it’s some colour profiling thing, but so far i’m drawing blanks as to whether there’s anything i can change to fix it.
    neil, hahah… well i’m eating food still, don’t worry about that. 🙂 i was more trying to emphasize that some things in my life were still normal. 😀

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