• On Tampa, Food and the Apple Store

    So, got up pretty early this morning. 7am, actually. That’s pretty early for a Saturday, isn’t it? Though admittedly it could be earlier. But not much.
    I was up early to accompany Simon to his Subaru dealership in Tampa. It’s a 70 mile drive there, and takes about an hour and a half on the highway (taking the #75->275). We missed the turnoff but luckily found it in time for his appointment. An hour and a half later and we were on our way.
    Went to the Apple Store, since it was so close by, and the staff recognized me from last week! Of course I was wearing my WWDC2002 developer shirt again (can you say “Developers” four times?), so I’m sure that helped. Thanks go out to applestudentdevelopers.org, who helped make the shirt a reality.
    To thank Simon for his help I took him out for lunch at the Bamboo Club, a nice restaurant at International Plaza that specializes in “Asian Pacific” food. What did we get? A mouthwatering order of pot-stickers to start, and we went from there — grilled asparagus, (north? it was sweeet) korean style beef, a spicy chicken dish and a big bowl of rice. All very yummy. And I’ve got leftovers to boot! I can hear my tummy growling now…

  • Futon Insanity!

    Last night, I got a dining room table and 4 chairs (all 70’s dark brown veneer chic), as well as a futon and mattress, free. Not a bad price. Simon saw a posting up by the mailboxes at Heron’s Run, so I had to check it out. Turns out the folks who were giving it away were moving and needed to get rid of it in a hurry (they had to be out of their apartment by today).
    How would you get this stuff from their 3rd floor apartment to my place, a good 700 meters away, on the second floor?
    I did it by enlisting Simon’s help, of course. We took the mattress over to my place in the back of his car. But the futon frame was too large — even when folded — and being about 100 pounds of clumsy metal, it was too far to carry. How were we going to get it over to my place?
    With one half of the frame in my arms and the other half in the back of Simon’s car, of course. We drove at 2 mph through the pelting rain to my place. I instructed Simon not to drive through any lakes on the way. The whole process took about 10 minutes and we got all sorts of great stares from the nearby residents on the way. Worked like a charm!

  • Major events!

    Well, let’s see. What’s happened since last Friday? A few major things. I’m gonna keep it short ’cause it’s 1:37am, and it’s a workday:
    -On Saturday I turned 26 (had appetizers and a jug-o-beer bought for me)
    -On Wednesday I finally got the keys to my mailbox
    -Yesterday two major things happened: (1) I got a phonebook (somehow the mailman managed to cram it into my mailbox) and (2) I got a license plate for my car. Finally I can take that German plate off the back. The previous owner wants it back as a momento, so I get to give it to her grandma (who also lives in the Heron’s Run apartment complex).
    -Oh, and today: this blog entry is brought to you by the gracious free-trial-cd folks at AOL, who somehow managed to include their software with Verizon’s phonebook. I’m connected at 46,667 baud, what a novelty!
    Weekend plans: Re-visit the Tampa Apple Store, this time with Simon and keeping an eye out for decent digital cameras. Oh yeah, maybe throw the disc around with Marc on Sunday (as I did last night).
    Someone remind me to send Ulti propaganda today (Friday). I’m trying to convince four of my co-workers who have never played ultimate to spend the evening of their Labor Day Holiday Monday playing at Siesta Key. In a way, we’re in the same boat, since I’ve never played (on a beach :).
    That’s all for now, time for bed!

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