Photoshoppy fun

I took this shot just after twilight tonight — the sky through the skylight was a brilliant blue, contrasting very nicely with the yellow of the apartment building. Thought I’d try Photoshop’s “auto-levels” feature, since quite often it can help out with these sorts of things. Not this time! Still fun though, so I figured I’d post it. (If you haven’t yet, make sure you move your pointer over the image 🙂


  1. Krishe, you need a SLR or SLR like digital camera and:
    1. turn the flash off, because no matter how big and bright your flash is, it isn’t going to light up the whole sky.
    2. adjust the film speed to 400 ISO, if you have 800 ISO even better. 400 and 800 are for low light condition.
    3. adjust the shutter speed to super low, so the shutter will stay open longer to let more light in and extend the exposure time(because the outside is dark, every bit of light counts).
    4. a tripod to steady the camera. It is impossible to hold the camera still by hand when the shutter speed is that low. I tried to rest my hands, elbow and upper body on something and it works sometimes.
    This is what I learned from taking HK skylight pictures from the top of Victoria Peak (the tallest mountain in HK island).

  2. All good ideas — where were you 18,000 shots ago? 🙂 One additional tip, don’t increase your ISO too much, as it will increase the noise in your picture.
    I know it’s not, but does the auto-levelled version look inverted to anyone else?

  3. heh heh, Stalkervisionâ„¢
    “See inside any house, any time with our trademark infrared goggles!”

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