Place your bet

So yesterday I decided to run a little experiment. I all but cleared out Kash n Karry of their remaining iTunes-enabled Sierra Mist bottles.
As you can see, the odds of a winning bottle are one in three, and there are six bottles. I’ve opened four so far, and I should have them all opened by some point tomorrow.
My question to you: how many winning bottles do you think I’ll end up with? First person to nail it gets a prize (which I’m still thinking of).

10 thoughts on “Place your bet”

  1. I would have gone with 3 … Zameer is always right (Hey man!) … but I must be my own man! I’ll go with 4 ?

  2. well.. after wining and losing with this sorta thing in the past… you could win 2 or even all 6. however i think i’ll place my bet on 3 and zero if i may. if i can only pick one i pick lucky number 3.

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