Planet Asterizk – NPG

I just want to publicly say “thank you” to my brother Neil for the birthday mix he made for me, Planet Asterizk. It’s kind of a cross between Nick Warrren’s Global Underground CD (“GU 024”) and a Northern Exposure compilation. Which is to say, it’s an unassuming ass-kicker. The “Play Count” field in my iTunes at work reads 6, and I’ve probably listened to it upwards of 30 times in the car and at home. It starts off with a series of great tracks (darn if I know what any of them are) and by the time that dark, dark bassline drops at 17:30, there’s no turning back. Amazingly good stuff. It’s an hour and 14 minutes long, perfect for burning to CD. Download it here, or have a look at his other mixes.

4 thoughts on “Planet Asterizk – NPG”

  1. My god. I swear that track you’re referencing is my favourite one this year. Or last year. It just keeps going and going, it’s relentless. I was wondering if anyone other than me noticed how drop dead beautiful that song was.
    Many thanks to you. 🙂

  2. Hmm. I cant download this and kind of forget what it sounds like. I’m trying to recover all my mixes..wish I paid my server fees!! Well, I’m sure it’s in one of the many spindles of cds in the attic I haven’t gotten to yet…along with a bunch of others. I should put them all on SoundCloud or something once ive converted them all

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