Pontiac G6

My mini review: The 2006 Pontiac G6 is a fun car to drive, compact enough to get into those small parking spots but with enough juice to test the head rests when you need to pass. It has some nice ergonomic touches including an armrest-trunk-pop, easily accessible status info, a readable dash and what I’ll call direct-manipulation air vents. One fun aspect is the keyless remote. When you unlock the car, the reverse lights go on, freaking out anyone who’s nearby. I had the car for a week and found the effect disconcerting right up until I returned it, i.e. “is that car going to reverse over me? better get the hell out of the way!” On the negative side, I think the cruise control, uh, controls, were built for elves: in order to set the speed I had to press this ridiculously small button. But other that small nitpick (ha), it’s a good ride, and handles amazingly well on dirt 😀

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