Pot burner

It’s incredibly windy today, following a pretty wet last night. Not sure what’s up with that.
In other news, I burnt my favorite pot! No, not that kind. Found out last night while on the phone with Jeff:
Living room: BEEP…. BEEP…
Me (on phone): WTF is that? *realizes it’s the smoke detector* Hold on a second.
Me (offscreen): Fcuk!
Suffice to say, dinner was a bit late. I’m so mad!
Plan for tonight: hit up LOTR: The Return of the King. Thanks to Julie for the preview (no spoilers, don’t worry!).

10 thoughts on “Pot burner”

  1. “It’s incredibly windy today, following a pretty wet last night. Not sure what’s up with that”
    from now on, your site will be the one and only blog i will ever visit.

  2. haha jph I can’t believe you’re reading krishen’s blog now. It’s like a giant network of friends of friends who’ve never met each other (speaking of which… I think I only met you through defeatist and have never met you in real life! scary)

  3. jph: the disillusion is understandable, given you’re in the uk… but here, right now, it’s pretty weird. hurricane season ended /months/ ago.
    sarah: no kidding. it’d be kinda fun to visualize it. seem to recall there was some sort of tool out there that would help with exactly this kind of thing… blog relationship mapping.. but if i were to do it by hand, i guess i’d represent each person with a node; a real-life friendship by a dashed line between nodes; friend-of-a-friend relationships with solid lines. of course…. i’m andrew could speak a lot more to this.. eh andrew?

  4. Let’s see…just turned over to Thursday from Wednesday night, and I just finished watching the third installment of LOTR myself. While I’m not about to give any spoilers either, those of you who know the book know what the ending should be.
    Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable (not to mention LONG) movie, weighing in at 201 minutes in length and it’s understandable as to why the ending was not exactly what was expected. I managed to stay in my row without leaving once during the screening, and that’s with a large drink!

  5. 😛 Shut it!
    As a matter of fact, I didn’t go to see LOTR last night — sold out! Cam, Melissa and I are planning to go Friday instead.

  6. Err… make that Friday or Saturday. More likely Saturday.
    Also, by some weird coincidence, Andrew just sent me this via Friendster:
    Date: December 14, 2003 12:37 AM
    Subject: Online dating workshop at CHI 2004
    We’re happy to announce a workshop about online
    personals for Computer-Human Interaction 2004. The
    deadline for submitting position papers is 12 January 2004.
    We hope to see you in Vienna!
    Please feel free to forward this announcement as widely as
    you would like.
    Thank you!
    Andrew Fiore
    Jeana Frost
    Judith Donath
    MIT Media Lab
    Online Personals:
    “Scientists, designers seek same for good conversation”
    CHI 2004 Workshop: Call for Participation
    Vienna, Austria
    Monday 26 April 2004
       Andrew T. Fiore
       Jeana H. Frost
       Judith S. Donath
    On the Web:
    Online personal advertisements have shed their stereotype
    as matchmakers for the awkward to claim a prominent role
    in the social lives of millions of users. This one-day
    workshop will bring together social scientists and designers
    to discuss:
    1. How people are behaving in online personals systems
    and how best to study this behavior.
    2. How different personals systems handle self-expression,
    searching, matching, and communicating.
    3. How the design of personals systems interacts with
    individual and cultural constructs of relationships and
    4. New methods, metaphors, design paradigms, and
    gadgets for finding and communicating with dating
    ::: HOW TO APPLY
    To apply for the workshop, simply submit a 2- to 4-page
    position paper. We will consider a variety of work related to
    online personals, as appropriate to your discipline, as long
    as it reflects your experience with or consideration of the
    topics above. Some suggestions:
    * Quantitative study of behavior on a personals system
    * Novel designs for better personals systems (especially
    radical departures from the norm)
    * Review of the literature on attraction and its application to
    online dating
    * Interviews (or surveys) with users of online personals
    * Experiment involving construction and perception of
    identity in personals ads
    We will select participants from diverse backgrounds based
    on the relevance and originality of their position papers.
    Please email your paper to chi-personals@media.mit.edu by
    12 January 2004. We will notify you of acceptance by 23
    February 2004.
    Limited to 15 participants.
    Now, granted, friends of blogging friends hardly does a personals site make, but Vienna? Damn. Anyone got a pickup line they could contribute? 🙂

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