I just saw the film Pumpkin, starring Christina Ricci. A perfect sorority sister’s world gets turned upside down when she has to work with a physically challenged “special” student athlete in order to help her sisters win sorority-of-the-year.
I very much enjoyed this film. While there was one scene where I found myself saying “yeah right!” — and I really can’t comment on the realism of fraternity/sorority life since my school/student society officially banned their existence — by and large I found this to film highly entertaining and at times laugh-out-loud funny. It’s also got the perfect amount of moral ambiguity running through it; it’s one of those movies where you find yourself saying: “Well hmm, what would I do?”
If you like your films subversive — and for that matter, if you like Christina Ricci (and you’d be hard pressed not to, after “The Opposite Of Sex”) — go rent “Pumpkin”. I think you’ll like it.