RAM += 512MB;

You’ll want to skip this post if geeky stuff doesn’t interest you (shut it Cam, I can see that smirk 🙂
Added 512MB of RAM to my system bringing me to 1.2 GB (the first upgrade since I bought the machine), and the difference has been amazing. It’s been particularly noticable in iPhoto: where before I’d be waiting about half a second for the back and forward buttons, they’re now close to instant. Web browsing is also much faster. Switching between programs is quicker too. It really feels now as though I’m floating through my computing experience now. Everything is so snappy. I guess my 640MB really was limiting me. This seems ridiculous at first blush. The old Mac OS 9 ran fine on a fraction of that. But, then again, under OS X I typically have no fewer than 10 apps open simultaneously (right now: Safari, iPhoto, Mail, iTunes, Word, BitTorrent, Finder, Adobe Photoshop CS, TextWrangler and Address Book) and usually closer 15-20, which would be unheard of before. Time marches on, and so do my needs, I guess.
Here’s the complete stats: Power Mac G4 Quicksilver 2001. Upgraded: CPU (single 733MHz->dual 1.6 GHz, $405), memory (128MB->1.2 GB, $140), optical drive (8x CD-RW updated -> 16x DVD-RW, $52), hard drive (40GB IDE -> 250 GB SATA, $200 [includes SATA controller card and drive]), video card (32MB GeForce2 MX -> 128MB Radeon 9000 Pro, $149). 17″ LCD (1280×1024) + 15″ Sony CRT (1152×870) (donated), 802.11b wireless card, $70. Total: $1016. /Easily/ worth it.

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  1. OMG yes, it’s so amazing what doubling the RAM can do. I recently upped mine to 1GB from 256MB and holy hell. But now I’m at the point where I have Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Word and Outlook open and then I’m like “Why is this darned computer so slow?” “Oh yeah…”

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