2 thoughts on “Repent, sinners!”

  1. Yes, I’ve heard Firefox is the way to go, as far as secure Windows-based browsing is concerned. 🙂 Ha, secure Windows-based browsing. I kill me.
    Note all of these programs are also susceptible and will likely need updates:
    Windows XP
    Windows XP Service Pack 1
    Windows Server 2003
    Office XP SP3
    Office 2003
    Digital Image Pro 7.0
    Digital Image Pro 9
    Digital Image Suite 9
    Greetings 2002
    Picture It! 2002
    Picture It! 7.0
    Picture It! 9
    Producer for PowerPoint
    Project 2002 SP1
    Project 2003
    Visio 2002 SP2
    Visio 2003
    Visual Studio .NET 2002
    Visual Studio .NET 2003

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