San Antonio: Days Five & Six

Didn’t post yesterday due to general exhaustion. But Jeff and I managed to catch 300 on the big screen, which was cool. It’s a good enough film, if about 20 minutes too long. Summary: lots and lots of almost-naked men, ripped abs, shields, and spears, and spearing and flying blood and about one minute of hot oracle. We caught about the first half hour of it on an IMAX screen, then the projector broke and the showing was cancelled. We were given the opportunity to see any other movie currently playing in the theatre that night for free, plus, given a free pass to see a movie another night. Considered seeing Grind House, but after a half hour of 300 couldn’t really change gears — so we killed time in the arcade and caught a later showing, non-IMAXed.
Today slept in until 10 (a nice change of pace after being up at 5 every day this week), worked for a bit, then Jeff and I went out to lunch and ended up buying some clothing for work. There’s a big official show and tell tonight, so I want to look my best. Now it’s back to writing some documentation before heading over to the site.

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