Sarcastic? Never

Above: Warding off hackers can be tricky.

Some funny bits from #macdev on — the Mac development irc channel I hang out on.

[12:36] arwyn: I used to have a coworker that called his company’s direction the “atomic rocket sled to hell”
[12:37] arwyn: we all used to bunch up our hands like we were holding reins, learn towards the floor, and then make feverishly pitched slooshing noises…then we’d all laugh hysterically and pretend it didn’t bug us before we’d all go get drunk instead of coding

And here PfhorSlayer is trying to add Mac OS 9 networking support into an app that already works with Mac OS X. (OT == Open Transport, Mac OS 9’s flexible-but-circumlocutory networking architecture, and MacsBug is an ancient code debugger used most back in the early 90’s).

[12:37] PfhorSlayer: I. HATE. OT.
[12:42] PfhorSlayer: GODDAMNIT IT TO HELL. Codewarrior wont debug in classic.
[12:42] ***: foobaz ( has joined the channel
[12:43] jiva: PfhorSlayer: let classic die! Just port to osx and be happy 😉
[12:43] PfhorSlayer: It already works in OSX.
[12:43] mikeash: then your work is done!
[12:43] PfhorSlayer: I want to add OS9 support for the people!
[12:43] PfhorSlayer: FOR THE PEOPLE!
[12:43] mikeash: go relax, have a cup of coffee
[12:43] AngryLuke_iBook: what people?
[12:43] PfhorSlayer: I don’t have any coffee.
[12:43] PfhorSlayer: And I can not relax… NOT WHEN IT DOES NOT WORK…
[12:43] mikeash: water?
[12:43] PfhorSlayer: How about a soda?
[12:43] PfhorSlayer: Mmm. Diet coke.
[12:44] PfhorSlayer: Luke, the people with the demanding and the whining.
[12:44] mikeash: no, soda is not allowed
[12:44] mikeash: Pfhor, just don’t give them your e-mail address
[12:44] PfhorSlayer: “Wahhh, this free product that you’ve given me for free out of the goodness of your heart doesn’t work on my ancient computer, wahhhh.”
[12:44] PfhorSlayer: Those people.
[12:45] mikeash: you should reply with the source code attached
[12:45] mikeash: “great, make it work”
[12:45] PfhorSlayer: No, no.
[12:45] arwyn: PfhorSlayer, use macsbug in classic
[12:45] PfhorSlayer: I don’t want to open source it.
[12:45] arwyn: its what real men use
[12:45] PfhorSlayer: I don’t know how to use macsbug. 🙁
[12:45] PfhorSlayer: I AM NOT A REAL MAN.
[12:45] arwyn: wuss