3 thoughts on “See Serenity Sept 30th”

  1. It’s going to be epic 🙂 The characters are going to be great (they’re the same ones from the cut-short Fox TV show “Firefly”, which I own and which you can get online through Amazon or, *cough*other methods*cough*). With Joss Whedon writing I’m sure it’ll be both witty, risque, well-paced and many other favorable things. Plus, lots of people have already seen it and say great things (there have been select screenings going on for a half year or so, and all of them have sold out).
    This page has a few video clips to give you an idea of what Firefly (the show) was like 🙂

  2. runs around excitedly.
    man.. this is going to be a long week with me running around like a loonie all the time!!!

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