Six Celcius

So, according to my car’s thermometer, it’s six Celcius (42.8F) outside right now.
Sure was warmer in Las Vegas!
What? Oh yeah… in case you didn’t see it on the book of faces, I was in Vegas again over US Thanksgiving. Ha. This time with my Joyjoy, and Nkosi and Ross and Tarne and, for a day, with Kim and Steve. Mayur was notably MIA. No, not her.

Insanity is one of the thrill rides on top of the 1100 foot Stratosphere hotel. It was a bit too, er, insane for my tastes. But if you think you can stomach it, you can see a video of it in operation here (requires .wmv-playing capabilities). For you gearheads, here’s some engineering info on this and its sister ride, X Scream: click [PDF, 212k].

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