Sleep update & email Transition

Well, last night I was good: in bed by 11:58pm, up this morning at 7:25am (slept in a little! that was nice).
Some of you (*cough*Justin*cough*) are still sending mail to my old email address. Send it to my “alumni” address instead!
For those that don’t know, “” email addresses aren’t actually email accounts at all — they’re redirectors.
Redirectors work like this: if you send an email to my alumni address, it automatically gets forwarded to the address of my choosing. This is handy, because it means I can change my actual email account without needing to tell anyone. Since July, my alumni address has been redirecting my mail to “”; however, since said address will cease existence as of 11:59pm tomorrow night, I had to change it. I just happened to pay $49 back in October for a year’s worth of .Mac service. What a coincidence! ๐Ÿ˜€
I transitioned all my existing email from UVic to the .Mac account this morning. Pretty painless so far. The only thing I’ve run into is that the .Mac smtp (mail) server expects the “from” field of the e-mail I send to use my “” email address. You know, “only .Mac mail comes from .Mac mail servers”, that kind of thing. Trouble is, I’d like to keep the “from” address as my alumni redirector account. Never had this problem with UVic’s mail server.
Of course, the solution is obvious. Abuse work’s mailserver, which lets me use whatever “from” address I’d like. ๐Ÿ™‚