Spam spam spam wonderful…

It’s getting quite annoying lately, especially since, for some reason, it seems to be slipping right through the blacklist (which, strangely, catches it when I press the “despam” button, but for some reason can’t figure out that it’s not allowed at comment-post time).
Anyhoo last night was incredible and warm and muggy and rainy and thundery. Perfect weather for staying at home. So I went over to Cam and Melissa’s and stayed at their home. At least, for a few hours. We watched Deeply, starring Kirsten Dunst, a Canada-Germany co-production set in working-class fishing Nova Scotia in the 30s and 40s, as well as present day. It was excellent — everything about it reminded me of home: not just the beautiful coastal scenery, but the easy storytelling reminiscent of the Beachcombers. It was lovely.
Well, the sun has now risen to the point where it’s shining directly in my face, which means it’s time to get my duff off this chair and eat breakfast.

7 thoughts on “Spam spam spam wonderful…”

  1. after you de-spam, are you adding the entries to the blacklist? it sounds like you aren’t clicking “inspect and add” after you de-spam. has davin changed the name of the comment script? i barely get any comment spam since i renamed mine to twitter.cgi. now i get lots of trackback spam, but it’s manageable with blacklist. although, soon i’m going to just take out trackback, it’s not needed.
    looks like a good movie, thanks for the review!

  2. Julie, yep, in fact, the spam domains are already in the blacklist, they’re just not getting caught when the comment is posted. Clicking the “Despam” button in mt-blacklist catches them without me needing to add anything to the blacklist. Davin recently re-installed Moveable Type, so I’m wondering if there’s another comment.cgi hanging around somewhere that (which? I’m never sure if I should use “which” or “that”) doesn’t have mt-blacklist “in the middle”.
    Mavis, thanks for the link, that’s awesome. Hope he ends up doing the time. Yes, indeed, for whatever reason, the “auto-recognize urls” and “allow html” options in Moveable Type are mutually exclusive. I have HTML enabled in my comments, so for some reason, this means it can’t automatically recognize URLs. Don’t ask me why; it makes no sense to me.

  3. >Clicking the “Despam” button in mt-blacklist catches them >without me needing to add anything to the blacklist.
    the first part of “de-spam” only deletes the spam from your entries. after it rebuilds the files, you’re left with a screen to “inspect and add.” if you don’t add these new urls to the blacklist, they won’t be caught by the program. it seems weird that if the urls were on the blacklist that they would still be posted to your entries. are you sure you are adding the new urls to the blacklist? i add them every time i de-spam.
    “that” is used when what follows is essential to the sentence. there is no comma following it. “which” is used when the information that follows isn’t totally essential to the meaning of the sentence preceding it, and you almost always use a comma after. your use of “that” is correct!
    have a great weekend krishen.

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