Squash Soup/Going to San Antonio

So for dinner tonight, I ended up using Tigereyess’ suggestion from the last entry and cooked the squash by itself in the oven, scooped out the “spaghetti strands” with a fork, added a little butter and salt and pepper and mmmm, lovely! Random factoid: yellow squashes smell a lot like corn. Weird. I think next time, though, I’ll use bigger squashes; these ones were mostly seed! Still tasted great though.
Oh, and Hilary was kind enough to write up an original squash soup recipe for me in a text file and IM’ed it to me, so I thought I’d take the liberty to repost it here for all 🙂

Hilary’s Squash Soup
i recommend using butternut squash – easy to peel and has good flavour. acorn squash is good too, but hard to peel with all the ridges. i haven’t tried spaghetti squash, but i know of other good recipes for it… just not off the top of my head
1 butternut squash – pic a pot then make sure the squash will fit.
peel squash and chop up, put in pot with oil (tbsp or 2) and begin frying. you can add onions and garlic if you like at this point. go easy on the garlic -very powerful.
add enough water (and white wine is good too!) to cover the squash
boil until squash is soft.
if you have a hand mixer use it to puree. if you don’t ummm be creative -use a potato masher or put in blender/food processor?? i have a hand mixer -they’re great.
add some herbs and a bit of butter. turn off heat and let the soup cool. once cool add some cream or milk.
add any other flavors you’d like. butternut squash is pretty creamy so you shouldn’t need to add any more dairy/soy products.

Anyhow, it sounds excellent, I shall definitely have to obtain a blender/mixer and try it out.
Guess what? On Thursday, for work, I’m going to San Antonio for 8 days! We’re doing a big customer installation out there and I’ve been asked to come along for support. That should be fun! Needless to say I probably won’t be updating much during that time, but I shall be taking lots of pictures, so I hope to see you all back here March 28th 🙂
Any of you ever been to San Antonio before?
Update, 12:48am: Killing the Music: Don Henley lays out the scape of the music industry in Tuesday’s Washington Post (via voxpopgirl). I can’t help but be reminded of Courtney Love’s excellent article in Salon on the topic — nearly four years ago. Wow. I’d love to see this get more attention.


  1. Oh – here’s another incredible butternut squash soup recipe
    1 butternut squash
    4 cups veggie broth (or use chicken, but not beef)
    1 chopped onion
    Peel the butternut squash and chop it up. Add the onion to the pot, boil in the stock until tender.
    Drain the butternut squash, reserving all the stock.
    Blenderize the hell out of the squash, adding enough stock to make a thick soup. Keep the rest of the stock for later for use in another soup or gravy or whatever.
    Return the blenderized squash soup to the pot and heat over low-med.
    Here’s the secret:
    Grind some cashew nuts into dust. Must be powdered, not just chopped. Add the cashew powder and a couple dashes of cumin. Heat until flavours blend.
    Dish the soup out into bowls. Open a tin of unsweetend evaporated milk, and pour a swirl in the center of soup. Dash a smidge of cumin on top for garnish.
    Serve hot, and enjoy the accolades!

  2. Whoa — that sounds great 🙂 Thanks for typing that one up. Definitely have to get a blender now. 🙂

  3. me as well — we have a whole window full of squashes at home. I’m pretty sure there’s a butternut squash in there somewhere.
    squashes. What a crazy word 🙂

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