St Pete and The Pics

So last night I headed up to St. Pete with Eric J to check out the Ultimate Frisbee league which is starting up there. It’s a 45 minute drive up the I-75; this week and next is a pickup game and registration. Eric and I both signed up. We ended up playing 6-on-6 and was largely new players, with a couple old-timers thrown in for good measure. The women’s team practice was going on right beside us; watching it was impressive. They did warm up stretches, sprints, jumping drills, ran around the field a couple times, played a game, and then did a whole series of cooldown stretches and other exercises. That’s something my team in Sarasota should do… would seriously help reduce sore/stiff muscles the next day, I think.
The skies were beautiful last night.

Lightning all around us, but it never actually rained

One of the towers on the way to Fortunatos, downtown St. Pete

La Fin Du Monde, literally “The End of the World”. From Quebec, it was the beer to drink at Fortunatos. 9% alc. I had one.

L to R: Ilsa, Big E (Eric), Big City (Brian), Sam. I’m going to Poultry Days with City and Sam.

Eric and Brad.

Our venue of choice. Featuring live music and free pizza 🙂

One of the more eye-pleasing parking garages I’ve seen.

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OMG Krishen, I can’t believe you actually drank Fin du Monde. *shudder* You’re Canadian. You should know better!!

lol.. it wasn’t that bad, in that kind of euro-overproof-belgian beer kinda way. sure beats coors and bud lite. i’m going back there tonight, shall see what else they have.

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