St Pete Fun

I arrived to a lake which had little bits of solid ground, every now and then. After we started playing, it started to rain — and then the wind started blowing too. All we needed was for a tornado to touch down on the field and we’d be eating the disaster special.
No funnel clouds ever touched down. Thunder though! Turned out to be just an empty threat because although it did start raining harder, but only for about 10 minutes. But the wind took its place, at times suspending the disc in the air for three or four seconds longer than normal.
Had Alec and Danny in the car to keep me company for the drive there and back, which was nice. Listened to ariz0na‘s force of nature mix there and back. Almost played the entire 94 mile round-trip!
Oh yes, before I forget — Cam got dial-up internet access tonight, so he should be updating a little more frequently now. Go take a look!
Alright night night — may you have an ubergood sleep.