Student Loan bye bye!

That’s the Alamo, a monument of great importance to Texans everywhere. I might be going back to San Antonio — home to the Alamo — for work, from Sunday through Thursday. I find out tomorrow. If I’m not going, then I’m going to try and head across the Florida peninsula with Cam, Melissa, Ines, Patricia and Hugo for a weekend camping expedition! I’m pretty excited about the possibility, I’ve really missed hiking the outdoors around since I came down here. If I DO end up going to San Antonio, though, I hear there’s some pretty cool caves which need my attention. I’ve never been caving, though, have you?
Big news on the personal finances front — as of yesterday I mailed off what should be the last payment of my Federal and BC Provincial student loan. Wooo — all those years of living with my parents paid off. Haha. Seriously though, it’s nice being 100% debt free.
But we can’t have that, can we? Time to set some goals. 🙂 Today I noticed ‘nee picked up a television — perhaps it’s time I did likewise. Yeah I have a TV. But, I mean one with working speakers. I have DVDs that need watching and my 17″ LCD flatpanel, while it’s been great… I have couches out in the living room that are getting lonely! (Alright, quit your snickering already.)
Still no bumper. Then again, they said they’d call on Monday and I haven’t called them back to figure out what’s up yet.
Anyhow it’s off to bed! Have to be at work by 7:30am! If you haven’t done so yet take Alison’s advice (but not on spelling) and go see The Incredibles. You’ll have fun.


  1. I’ve been spelunking…only tourist caves though :). Great photo ops.

  2. Did a little ‘cave exploring’ on a couple of the gulf islands when I was little — but they probably wouldn’t seem as big today. Yet, there was a lot of exploring when I was younger … pick a direction, head into the trees, don’t come home until it is dark. How I miss those times.
    Hiking is not as “fun” to me down here … more like an unpaved galloping goose trail … but I still LOVE being out doors. Now if only the crickets would just shut-up already!

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